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Hi! I'm Cait

I'll help you tap into your innate resiliency.

Are you tired of feeling constantly fatigued, struggling with digestive issues, or battling autoimmune conditions without finding real solutions? I'm Cait, a certified herbalist and holistic health coach, and I'm here to help.

Who I Serve: I specialize in working with individuals who have been let down by the conventional medical system and have yet to receive the care they truly need to recover and enhance their quality of life. If you're seeking a holistic approach that goes beyond symptom masking, you're in the right place.

I believe in a thorough understanding of your health. I start by reviewing diagnostic reports, labs, and an in-depth intake form. This, combined with listening to your whole story, helps me understand when your health patterns started and what triggered your body's dysregulation. With this insight, I create a personalized, step-by-step wellness plan designed to help you achieve lasting well-being

What I Offer:

  • Comprehensive Support: I'll be your guide and partner in your journey to better health.

  • Accountability: I'll help you stay on track and motivated.

  • Troubleshooting: We'll tackle obstacles together as they arise, making adjustments as needed.

I've had the privilege of helping many individuals completely transform their health and lives. If you're ready to take control of your well-being, let's embark on this journey together.


Get in touch today, and let's start your path to true healing.


"In the first intake/assessment meeting with Caitlin, I was immediately impressed by the breadth and depth of her knowledge and her full attention to the detail of my experience.  Caitlin does not offer casual, "boiler plate" support or information; she tailors information, recommendations and remedies to personal circumstances, then follows up to check on progress and make adjustments.  Caitlin embodies her craft, which is informed by her own ongoing study.  She is one of the brightest minds I know



“There's so many things about medicine and health care that are very confusing and contradictory, especially in Western medicine, and can be downright dangerous! My favorite thing about health coaching with Caitlin is that I don't need to go anywhere else for answers. Knowing that I have a source of reliable information or an honest referral is priceless."


I had been struggling with stress and anxiety, and nothing the GP prescribed was helping me. Then I booked a health coaching appointment with Root Girl Herbals and felt better almost immediately! I felt heard and understood for the first time. I felt so much better within two weeks of following the care plan she prescribed. Three months later, I am back to feeling like my old self - I can't recommend Caitlin more highly as a herbalist and health coach.


It is impossible to convey how wonderful working with Caitlin has been. She is person-centered, validating, warm, and incredibly intelligent. Caitlin has helped me heal chronic issues that other practitioners have dismissed, and I've significantly benefitted from her holistic approach and her vast herbal knowledge. She has given me hope and confidence that my body is healing and will continue to heal. I tell all my friends and family about Caitlin!


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