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invite plant ritual into your everyday life

handcrafted herbal remedies for every body

full-circle herbalism

The medicinal plants, oils, beeswax, and honey are sourced within my bioregion in Mendocino County, California whenever possible. I believe that supporting small farmers is crucial for community resilience. In turn, I make my products from the highest quality ingredients. 

Today is the last chance to place holida

whole plant remedies

My products are made with fresh plants in their whole, natural form to create powerful extracts. No essential oils or artificial ingredients are added to any of my products.

naturally simple

Root Girl Herbals is a small-batch herbal company dedicated to creating herbal remedies from sustainably wildcrafted and organically grown plants. Through my apothecary line, I aim to align the tradition of herbalism with healing wisdom, intention, and magic.


I use Root Girl Herbals medicine on the daily. She truly puts her whole heart and soul into whatever she makes- wild gathering and sourcing with consciousness as to where every ingredient is coming from. That they are gathered with respect and plant beings are honored. All the way down to the bottles and eco friendly packing peanuts! a wonderful humyn being and true medicine womyn.

Haris, Covelo, CA


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