Are you dealing with fatigue?Adaptogens are a group of herbs that increase the body's resistance to environmental, emotional, and physical stressors. These herbs help restore overall homeostasis, which then, in turn, strengthens the functions of the body as a whole- without impacting the balance of an individual organ or body system. Adaptogens facilitate these changes by a wide range of actions and energetics, rather than one specific action. Adaptogens may help improve focus, support normal immune system function, or provide some other broad-spectrum normalizing influence on unbalanced physiological and spiritual processes.Radical self-care sustains our adaptability and allows us to join the world despite its potential for being a sometimes turbulent, stressful place. Adaptogens are considered herbal icons because of their exceptional ability to support a healthy stress response. Adaptogens not only offer resilience to the stress of the modern demands of work, relationships, family, etc. They also help create resilience to environmental stressors like pollutants in our water, in the air, and chemicals in our body and household products. These too pose a huge challenge for our bodies to overcome that is unique to the current times we are living in.  A blend of 3 adaptogenic plants to help restore adrenal function and increase energy, stamina, endurance, and vitality. 	✴︎Eleuthero Root	✴︎Schisandra Berry	✴︎Gogi Berries————————————————————➳ Organic Cane Spirits (gluten free) from Organic Alcohol Company in southern Oregon ➳ All herbs used are either organically homegrown, respectfully wild-crafted in Mendocino County, CA, and/or sourced ethically- mostly within my community. ➳ Raw Honey from Lover’s Lane in Willits, CA————————————————————✺ Please note that there can be medical contraindications if you are pregnant or taking prescribed pharmaceuticals.✺ Although I am a trained therapeutic and community herbalist, These statements have not been evaluated by the Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease.For best results, take this tonic every day!extracted in organic cane spiritsmade with organic + sustainably sourced plants

Adapt Tincture Blend

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