Replenish is a gentle and nourishing adaptogen blend that brings a wave of calm, without making one feel tired or drowsy. It was made with the intention of  boosting adrenal and nervous system function in a gentle and effective way. This supportive tonic should be taken twice daily for best results. 


Adaptogenic herbs improve the function of the endocrine system and hormonal balance, which in turn strengthens the nervous system and helps the body become more resilient to stress. They are helpful when taken over time to build stamina and bring your body back to homeostasis, so you can better protect your body from the negative side effects that stress can cause.


When taken daily as a tonic, these herbs can improve your body’s overall functioning and allow your body to adapt more easily to stressful situations by curtailing an overactive adrenal response. However, herbs should not be used to push us beyond our limits and cannot replace the benefits of good rest and healthy diet. These plant allies better support our wellness when taken to address specific need or when used as a gentle long-term tonic.


  • Boost the immune system
  • Support + manage healthy weight
  • Increase physical endurance + mental focus
  • Reduce discomfort caused by poor health
  • Encourage a balanced + positive mood


Ingredients: ashwagandha root, tulsi, rose petals, milky oat tops, raw honey, cane spirits, filtered water



➳ Organic Cane Spirits (gluten free) from Organic Alcohol Company in southern Oregon

➳This product comes in a green glass dropper bottle and is 1 fluid ounce 

➳ All herbs used are either organically homegrown, respectfully wild-crafted in Mendocino County, CA, and/or sourced ethically- mostly within my community. 

➳ Raw Honey from Lover’s Lane in Willits, CA



✺ Please note that there can be medical contraindications if you are pregnant or taking prescribed pharmaceuticals.

✺ Although I am a trained therapeutic and community herbalist, These statements have not been evaluated by the Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease

Replenish Elixir

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