Replenish is a gentle and nourishing adaptogen blend that brings a wave of calm, without making one feel tired or drowsy. It was made with the intention of  boosting adrenal and nervous system function in a gentle and effective way. This supportive tonic should be taken twice daily for best results. 


Ingredients: ashwagandha root, tulsi, rose petals, milky oat tops, raw honey, cane spirits, filtered water



➳ Organic Cane Spirits (gluten free) from Organic Alcohol Company in southern Oregon

➳This product comes in a green glass dropper bottle and is 1 fluid ounce 

➳ All herbs used are either organically homegrown, respectfully wild-crafted in Mendocino County, CA, and/or sourced ethically- mostly within my community. 

➳ Raw Honey from Lover’s Lane in Willits, CA



✺ Please note that there can be medical contraindications if you are pregnant or taking prescribed pharmaceuticals.

✺ Although I am a trained therapeutic and community herbalist, These statements have not been evaluated by the Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease

Replenish Elixir

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