Spring | Purification

(pre oder by: March 30 | release date: April 30)


lymph love tincture blend

red clover blossoms, calendula, cleavers, astragalus root

lymphatic detox tisane

red clover blossom, calendula, marshmallow root, hibiscus, stinging nettle, dandelion leaf, lemon balm, lemon verbena, lemongrass, orange peel

digestive bitters

burdock root, dandelion root, hibiscus, lemon balm, lemon verbena, grapefruit

black drawing salve

plantain, yarrow, pine resin, bentonite clay, coconut charcoal

vernal vinegar

red clover, cleavers, chickweed, lemon balm, stinging nettle, dandelion leaf, borage, calendula, hibiscus flowers

lymphatic massage oil

red clover blossoms, calendula, rose petals, violet leaf, castor oil

wooden gua sha tool 




Summer | Resilience ​ 

(pre-order by: June 1 | release date: July 1)


garden tisane

horehound, mints, catnip, elderflower

rose petals, lemon balm, lover's lane honey, homemade raw apple cider vinegar
herbal bug spray

penny royal, yarrow, mint
replenish adaptogen elixir

ashwagandha root, milky oat tops, tulsi, rose

nervine tincture

borage, lemon balm, chamomile, catnip
hydrosol spray

bay laurel

flower salve

calendula, yarrow, tulsi, chamomile, lavender




fall | protection

(pre-order by: August 1 | release date: September 1)


​st. john's wort body oil

solar infused with sunflower seed oil

chest rub

penny royal, eucalyptus, evergreen resin, mints

infused honey

horehound, elderflower, mint, lover's lane honey

cold care tisane

hyssop, elder, lemon balm, yarrow, mint

respiratory aid tincture

yerba santa + mullein leaf

antimicrobial tincture 

bee propolis, usnea, oregon grape root

hydrosol spray




winter | resistance 

(pre-order by: November 1 | release date: December 1)


elderberry elixir

elder, lemon balm, ginger root, hawthorn berry, mushrooms

restorative chai tea blend

polypore mushrooms, milky oat tops, tulsi, cinnamon, clove, anise, cardamon, ginger

fire cider | infused vinegar

horseradish, cayenne pepper, ginger root, elderberry, garlic, orange, thyme, lover's lane honey, homemade vinegar

infused honey

bee balm + sage blend

respiratory elixir

elecampane root, mullein leaf, yerba santa

warming evergreen body oil

resins, needles, ginger root

wooden gua sha tool



Individual boxes can be pre-ordered

  • small- $75

  • large $135

*price does include local pick-up + delivery, but not shipping fees. Shipping is $14 per box- which is the cost of a medium flat rate. Orders will ship through the USPS.

**payment plans are available to those in need- inquire within

Wellness Box (CSH)

  • If purchased you will recieve the next seasonal box offered. Check the release dates to see what box you will be recieving and when!

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