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Foraging usnea from fallen oak branches

Meet Root Girl...

Caitlin Wolf is an herbalist, holistic health consultant, educator, and medicine maker. With over a decade of experience studying and working with medicinal plants and nutrition, she weaves traditional folk herbalism with the latest science. Using the wisdom of nature and power of intuition she dedicates herself to getting to the root cause of disease through a holistic approach that incorporates nourishing foods, herbs, and lifestyle choices. Her work specializes in working with chronic digestive issues, hormone imbalance, autoimmune disease, low energy, and depression. Upon completing a two-year training for therapeutic herbalism at Blazing Star Herbal School in 2014, she began her small apothecary line and consulting practice, Root Girl Herbals. A perpetual student, Caitlin is currently continuing her education to achieve degrees in health sciences and holistic nutrition to offer more holistic modalities to her clients and community and is working towards becoming a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild.

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