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about Caitlin Wolf

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Caitlin's journey into herbalism and holistic healing began during her teenage years when she was diagnosed with psoriasis. She faced seemingly untreatable autoimmune issues that left her feeling sick, depleted, depressed, inflamed, and fatigued. Determined to find a way to reclaim her health and life, she embarked on a personal quest for self-healing.


This exploration led her deep into holistic health, herbalism, and functional nutrition. For years, Caitlin dedicated herself to self-study, absorbing, and applying knowledge to her healing journey. In 2012, driven by her transformative experiences, she decided to formalize her education by enrolling in multiple herbal apprenticeship programs. Her ultimate goal was to heal herself fully and empower others to find their paths to healing from chronic diseases. Today, Caitlin is passionate about sharing her experience and guiding individuals toward vibrant health through herbalism and holistic healing.

Credentials and Qualifications

Allied Health Degree: A.S Allied Health

My allied health degree equips me with a comprehensive understanding of medical sciences and patient care, allowing me to provide well-rounded coaching grounded in evidence-based practices.

Studied at Mendocino College- 2020

Certified Health + Wellness Coach: 

As a certified health coach, I possess the knowledge and skills to empower you in making meaningful lifestyle changes that lead to sustainable, lasting well-being.

Studied at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (2022-2023)

NBHWC Certificate- Expected March 2024

Integrative Nutrition Specialist:

​With expertise in integrative nutrition, I'm dedicated to helping you discover the transformative power of nourishing your body and mind with the right foods for you.

Studied at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (2022-2023)

Mindfulness Facilitator:

My mindfulness training enriches our coaching journey, guiding you to find balance, presence, and clarity in your daily life and learn to trust yourself.

Studied at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (2022-2023)

Clinical Herbalist:

I bring the wisdom of herbalism to our coaching sessions, offering advice on natural and herbal solutions that complement your path to well-being.

Studied at Blazing Star Herbal School (2012-2014)

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