Frequently asked questions

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Yes, all of our packages are mailed in post-consumer and plant based materials that will bio-degrade. -plant based packing peanuts -paper goods -recycled boxes + mailers -paper packing tape with non-toxic adhesive

Are your products certified organic?

My products are entirely organic, but are not certified by the USDA. I run a small business rooted in my local community. My own garden, and the farmers I source from have regenerative and organic farms, but the certifications to become USDA Organic are really pricey. To keep my costs affordable to my customers I work outside of those certifications.

Are your products zero waste?

All of my packaging is reusable and I encourage all my customers to do so! Whenever possible I skip plastic packaging. The tincture dropper tops are made with plastic rims and a glass pipette. The jars I use have metal lids.

Do you accept refunds?

No, unfortunately due to the nature of these products I cannot. Please let me know if you are unhappy with a purchase so we can work it out.

Do you make custom orders?

At this time I am only custom formulating products for clients. If you are interested in a special blend there is an option for a 30 min product consultation on my consultation page.