holistic health consultations

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“True Holistic Herbalism goes beyond the use this herb for that symptom mindset. It sees the body not as a machine, but as a vital ecosystem – a reflection of nature. A garden that only needs the right kind of soil, sun, water, and air to operate in a healthy way." — Sajah Popum


In our work together we aim to discover the root cause of your symptoms, instead of just treating them in an allopathic way. This is a truly holistic approach to wellness. My approach to herbalism and health is rooted in Vitalism, a tradition that respects the body’s innate ability to heal itself if given the proper physical, spiritual and mental nourishment.

It is rare for a chronic health issue to exist in isolation. All of the systems in our bodies are interconnected, and an imbalance in one area can ripple out and affect other areas of the body- causing due stress and imbalance. Likewise, strengthening one body system can benefit all the others.


We will review your current symptoms, health history, diet, current lifestyle, medications, diagnoses, blood panels (if provided), and personal constitution/energetics.


In addition to addressing your specific health and wellness related concerns, the goal of each consultation is for you to:

  • Learn how herbal medicine can support your overall health and vitality

  • Set health + wellness goals

  • Explore holistic ways to manage stress, improve digestion, deepen sleep, and much more

  • Incorporate simple nutritional and lifestyle changes into your daily routines

  • Connect with yourself and the world around you in more grounded and embodied ways.

"He who wants to know man must look upon him as a whole and not as a patched-up piece of work. If he finds a part of the human body diseased, he must look for the causes which produce the disease, and not merely treat the external effects."  -Paracelsus

Why see an Herbalist?


Do you have a health concern (or several) that you'd like to approach naturally and are unsure where to start or are concerned about herb-drug interactions? Or do you simply want to improve energy? Or feel better and improve your body's resistance to disease with a good daily routine that includes herbs? I can help guide you and give you the tools you need to be become more educated and empowered in your healing process. 

Some of the areas I focus on in my practice are:

  • digestive issues

  • leaky gut

  • thyroid health

  • chronic pain

  • arthritis

  • weight loss

  • stress management

  • fatigue | low energy levels

  • depression

  • reproductive health

  • pregnancy + postpartum support

  • autoimmunity

  • anemia

  • anxiety

  • insomnia

Initial Consultation

Your first appointment will last about 90 minutes, during which time we will go through your full health history including any previous or current health concerns, dietary and lifestyle practices. During this time we will also set health and wellness goals and develop an integrated herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle protocol to support you in achieving those goals. After the consultation you will receive written guidance, via email, regarding the nutritional, lifestyle, and herbal recommendations suggested during our conversation.

Ongoing support

Your first follow-up appointment be scheduled within 2-4 weeks after your first consultation. This hour long session is an opportunity for me to check in and document your progress and discuss any questions/concerns you may have about your personalized herbal protocol. Phone check-ins are 20-30 minute sessions and can be used in between return appointments to discuss challenges, changes, or to tweak remedies. They can also be used towards the end of our consultation time to review next steps for you to continue on down your health journey. Follow-up appointments and phone check-ins will be scheduled during your initial consultation.

Continuing consultations are recommended, especially for ongoing and more chronic concerns. As the plants become part of your daily life, your herbal needs will evolve. Most formulas need to be renewed about once a month, and this provides an excellent opportunity to reevaluate your health and shift the formulas accordingly. 

Herbal Remedies

Please note that suggested herbs, remedies, and supplements are not included in the cost of consultations. You have the option of purchasing custom formulated capsules, tea and tincture blends from me at an additional cost to our consultation fee. I am also able to include outside references and resources for other sourcing (especially for vitamins and mineral supplements). We will discuss herbal recommendations in our consultation to decide what will work best for you and your budget. On average, pricing can range from $30 - $120 / month.

All Root Girl Herbal products are made with 100% organic, sustainable, and ethically sourced materials. All herbs are homegrown by myself, wildcrafted, or sourced within my local farming community through small regenerative farmers- therefore I do not use many herbs that are not bioregional to me in Mendocino County, CA. All clients will receive a 20% off discount on remedies made directly by RGH.

*While I am booking online appointments with folks long distance, I am unable to ship herbal remedies internationally at this time.